The best Spanish language schools in Barcelona

If you have decided to live for a long time in Barcelona, one of the issues will have is learning the new language. Speaking english everywhere will not be the solution because not everyone will understand you and also by starting to learn Spanish you will feel more confident and part of the local culture.

Spanish language is a difficult one but also not impossible to learn (if you already know another latin language this might be such a very journey for you!).

In this article we are going to list five of our favorite Spanish language schools in Barcelona:

Speakeasy Spanish School

This school is located in the very center of Barcelona, close to Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla, surrounded by a train station, 3 central Metro stations and over 25 bus lines. Founded in 2001 (also accredited by Cervantes Institute), what we love about this center is that the groups are small and they offer many outdoors funny activities.


Founded in 1989, it is the largest and most prestigious organization in Spain & Latin America specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Enforex has more than 30 languages schools in different cities and it is also accredited by Cervantes Institute. We truly believe you will have an amazing experience learning Spanish here.

Olé Barcelona

It is situated in the Eixample, a centrally located neighborhood, within 15 minutes walking distance from Plaza Catalunya. This center offers an excellent quality of teaching to a significantly lower price than the large majority of Spanish schools in Barcelona and the groups are small.

Hispanic Studies

A University of Barcelona institution that reports to the UB Area of Further Training, the institution teaches Spanish language and culture to international students. It offers annual and quarterly courses for all levels and also summer courses.The Hispanic Studies offices and classrooms are situated in the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona and in the Jeroni Granell Building, which is the home of the Area of Further Training. Both of these buildings are in the city centre.

International House

IH is situated in the center of the city, only 5 minutes away from Plaza Catalunya. This language school is one of the most prestigious institutes in Barcelona. We are sure you will love the building and all the interior of this school. It offers different spaces like a terrace where you can relax in the sun, a huge library, cafeteria, study center and many other things.

Many opportunities to learn and now all you need is a little will to start it. Learning spanish might be fun and an interactive way to make new friends in the city.